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About Us

Over the course of the last seven years Turneround Tech have been helping companies large and small leverage the benefits of information technology in the workplace, our bespoke software development services have allowed our clients to increase their profit margins and reduce operational overheads.

We take our time to understand all the details of every project's requirements so that we can maximise the technological benefit to our clients. We also take great pride in delivering best in class software development services that stand the test of time and provide long lasting financial benefits to all of our clients.

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85 Projects - Completed development projects in a vast array of areas to a very high standard.

65 Happy Clients - We have many happy, returning clients in countries around the world.

10 Languages - Specialist developers covering many modern, robust, programming languages.

7 Years of experience - Helping our clients leverage the advantages of technology.

Our Software Development Services

We provide bespoke web, desktop and database software development services that cover most areas of current technology. Our software development team have experience working in many different fields of business from manufacturing to retail and design. Browse through our most popular services and if you don't find what you are looking for, contact us, we will be happy to assist with any queries you may have.

Application Development

Bespoke application development enables the creation of customised software solutions tailored to specific needs. Applications automate processes, improve efficiency, reduce human error and enhance productivity. They provide better data management, real-time insights, improved decision-making and help drive business growth and success.

Database Development

Bespoke database development services provide efficient data storage, retrieval, and management. They also ensure data integrity, security, and scalability for future growth. Bespoke database development services enable fast and accurate data analysis, reporting, and decision-making leading to streamlined operations and improved overall efficiency.

Web Development & SEO

Bespoke web development services provide businesses with a strong online presence and a platform to reach a wider audience. They enable the creation of customised and interactive websites that will enhance your users experience. Bespoke SEO services will increase your brand visibility, improve customer engagement and help your business grow.

Task Automation

Bespoke task automation services offer businesses increased efficiency by eliminating manual and repetitive tasks. They save time, reduce errors and allow employees to focus on more strategic and value-added activities. Bespoke task automation improves productivity, streamlines workflows and ultimately enhances overall business performance.

Work Scheduling

Work scheduling software simplifies the process of creating and modifying schedules, reducing human error and saving time. It also improves communication by providing real-time access to schedules and changes. This software prevents scheduling conflicts, ensures fair workload distribution while enhancing productivity and efficiency.

Inventory Management

Inventory management software enables real-time tracking of stock levels preventing shortages or overstocking. This enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring availability and streamlining the supply chain. Inventory management software can automate ordering, receiving, replenishment and improve efficiency while reducing human error.

Customer Relationship Management

CRM software centralises customer data and interactions improving customer relationship management. It enables personalised customer experiences, tracks sales leads and automates marketing campaigns. The software provides valuable insights for informed decision-making resulting in increased customer satisfaction and business growth.

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) improves website visibility on search engines driving organic traffic. It also enhances user experience, increases website credibility and improves search engine rankings. SEO boosts brand awareness helping businesses increase their online visibility, reach their target audience and achieve business growth.

Radan Macro & Plug-in Development

Radan macro's offer many benefits for sheet metal manufacturing including integration with other systems. They automate repetitive tasks, reduce programming time and improve accuracy while ensuring consistent results. Radan macro's enable complex part creation and eradicate human errors leading to improved overall efficiency.

Autocad Plug-in Development

AutoCAD plug-ins provide a range of benefits for designers and engineers including seamless integration with other software. They enhance productivity by automating repetitive tasks, improving drafting efficiency and reduce human error. Plug-ins also offer additional functionality, such as advanced modelling, rendering and analysis.

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